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10:00 a.m. 
Green Forums:  Advocacy
Raising the Bar: An Introduction to Involvement in the Legislative Process - This program summarizes the legislative process in Arizona to gain a greater understanding of how YOU can impact the process. We will review legislative hierarchy, the bill-to-law process, and techniques for lobbying legislators.

In this course you will:

  • Review and solidify knowledge of the power hierarchy in Arizona state legislature, including names of leadership
  • Understand the process in which a bill goes from idea to signed statute and where along the process citizens can get involved
  • Learn how to track legislation as it moves by using the state legislature’s website
  • Learn how to identify which legislator represents you and is the appropriate person to lobby on particular issues
  • Find out effective techniques for making your voice heard


Amanda NashAmanda Nash, Legislative Analyst, Maricopa County

Amanda is a legislative Analyst for Maricopa County and her primary responsibility is monitoring federal legislation and regulation on behalf of the County.  Prior to working for the County, Mrs. Nash coordinated grassroots campaigns and monitored federal, state and local legislation on behalf of private sector clients.  Mrs. Nash has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast News from the University of Colorado and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration for Arizona State University Amanda is also the Advocacy co-chair for Central Branch of USGBC Arizona. 

11:00 a.m. 
Green Forums:  Schools
Generation G:  Making the Case for Green Schools

Learn firsthand from Sue Pierce, an energy management consultant, about our community's involvement in the Green Schoolhouse Series and the amazing projects that are happening within the Washington Elementary School District.  Hear it from the kids themselves as we meet the students from Mountain Sky Junior High participating in the 2012 CEFPI School of the Future Design Competition.  Discover the Green Schools Committee initiatives here in Arizona and how to get involved as volunteer on an upcoming project to LEED-certify a local school.


Sue PierceSusan H. Pierce, CPA, President/CEO of Pierce and Associates         

Sue Pierce has worked as a consultant to local government and school districts for 22 years. Serving as executive director of a public policy research organization from 1988 – 1994, she had the opportunity to use both her finance and public policy skill sets to effect significant change in Iowa.

In 1994, Ms. Pierce resigned as executive director to start her consulting business, Pierce and Associates. She has been engaged by several school districts, cities and counties to design and implement broad-based facility planning efforts, to run referendum, and create high performance facilities focused on energy conservation and an improved work and learning environment. Her extensive work with local governments includes providing a variety of planning and consulting services in the areas of facilities, energy, green initiatives, and finance. Mrs. Pierce is a member of the LEED for Schools Committee of the United States Green Building Council – Arizona Chapter; nominating committee chairperson for the Council of Educational Facility Planners Southwest Chapter; board member on the National Center for the Learning Environment, author of the book “School Cents: A Guide to Energy Behavior Management”; often a speaker on energy conservation for AASBO, NCLE and related conventions and trainings; a presenter on energy topics at national webinars including Facility Masters, ENERGY STAR, School Dude and Energy Smart Schools sponsored by the Department of Energy.   



Halleh LandonHalleh Landon, P.E., LEED AP BD+C , Vice President at Energy Systems Design

Halleh’s background includes over 12 years of electrical design with specialization in building systems and controls including the layout of electrical service/distribution for power, lighting, and communications. It is her mission to educate Clients and staff about the importance of energy efficient design and its impact on energy consumption and environmental sustainability. 

Her position as the Green School Advocate for USGBC Arizona allows her to connect with teachers, school officials, representatives from municipalities and state governments as well as the local community to create awareness and raise support for energy efficiencies and environmental quality for schools.  Learn more about the Green Schools Committee.

01:30 p.m. 

Green Forums:  Residential

Our Future Home: Arizona Design Charrette Challenge - With 100 years of Arizona history to look back on, how will we develop into the future? What information has been gained and what lessons remain to be learned? What does our collective vision of the future’s housing look like?

Participants will first be presented with a retrospective of housing in the valley of the sun. This will serve as a jump off point for the audience to pick up their own pens and put on paper their vision of what the next 100 years of housing will look like in our region. Large collaboration boards will be placed strategically with focused themes/topics for active brainstorming. Participants will learn from each other and the group facilitators as they put their thoughts, feeling, facts and fictions on the collaboration boards. As the session closes the boards will be brought together for a brief summary and synopsis of the information captured. The boards will be photo documented and emailed to participants that provide their contact information.

Residential Committee 2012The goal of the Residential Green Building Committee (RGBC) is that this event will inspire and engage participants to remain active and vocal in the green building community as well as provide valuable information to the RGBC and USGBC on the community’s interests and options on green housing.

In preparation of the event, the Residential Green Building Committee (RGBC) is asking for your input in the creating the vision for Our Future Home.  Join in on the discussion at

Facilitated by James Ball, LEED AP Homes, Residential Green Building Advocate for USGBC Arizona, and the Residential Green Building Committee.

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